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Pegboard Coffee Table Book

Crafted over countless espresso shots and early morning brainstorms, “A Daily Aesthetic” skillfully weaves a narrative around insights and creativity, presenting the captivating story of the urban demographic. It encourages viewers to discern the intricate relationship between design and data and sparks curiosity about the genesis of something at the crossroads.

“Daily Aesthetic” goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a manifesto of our agency’s values, seamlessly woven into each page. Just like a favorite movie, our coffee book is designed to be revisited, offering a burst of creativity and inspiration with each glance. Join us on this whimsical ride, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and our manifesto becomes a narrative you can hold.

It was an interesting spin to our ideas of having a editorial shoot as part of the launch and we wanted to go beyond social media. Now it will be an annual tradition.

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