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The Odyssey of Pegboard's Unique Narrative

Pegboard is a brainchild of our complementary minds. When an Innovator’s WILD IDEAS meets a Transformer’s ADAPTIVE PROWESS, backed by a shared pragmatic insights approach, magic happens! While working together at a prestigious consumer science firm, we realised that our combined skills, ethos and shared vision had the potential to create something extraordinary.

A firm that can serve as a connection between brands and people. A firm that provides exceptional content, strategies, and products for brands while prioritizing strong consumer understanding. A place where creativity and innovation can flourish, guided by an understanding of human emotions and the power of storytelling.

PEGBOARD was born

It is where we convert NEON GREEN DREAMS into reality. 


Pegboard Founders

Esha Nagar

Esha is the #innovator at the helm of #neongreendreams for PEGBOARD.
She is dedicated to crafting holistic marketing solutions, strengthening our business territories, and above all nurturing the heart and soul of the firm - its culture.
For her, insights & data transcend beyond numbers, as she believes in the story they unveil.

Esha Nagar

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Tejasvi Nikam

Tejasvi Nikam aka our #transformer is the maestro of meticulous processes.
Her ideas and operational prowess are the secret sauce behind our consistent successes.
With Tejasvi overseeing our strategy, 'getting it right every single time' for both our insights & design clients is a guarantee we proudly stand by.

Tejasvi Nikam

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Pegboard Pledge

01. Embrace change as an opportunity, not a threat. We call it a growth mindset.

02. Hierarchy is History, and Creativity is Currency.

03. Empowering others is the right thing. It is called doing something for someone without a return.

04. Embrace diversity; it’s an ultimate edge.

05. Take time to reflect; self-awareness is your SUPERPOWER.

06. Having a five-year plan is not defined as a purpose. Live every day with intention.

07. If you love something – Show it by your actions.

08. Speak the truth even when your voice shakes.

09. If your job does not give you a spark, consider making a change.

10. You know the Menu. Place your own order and Own the Outcome.

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