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Pegboard X AtelierShibani


Introducing Pegboard’s innovative journal, a reflection of our brand ethos, where conformity yields to creativity. Designed with dual conceptuality, it invites users to start writing from either side, fostering a sense of individuality and breaking the mold of the mundane.

No, we were determined to birth something extraordinary, something that transcends the boundaries of agency apparel. Our merch isn’t just fabric and threads; it’s a statement, a manifesto draped in quirk and wit. It’s not merely clothing or stationery or shoes; it’s an extension of our agency’s DNA, a testament to our rejection of being confined by convention. We believe in collaborating with the coolest creators and artists- revolutionaries, just like us- to bring you merch like you’ve never seen before.

For this collab, we’ve worked with artist and art entrepreneur Shibani Nayak, founder of Atelier Shibani, to create a visually stunning, limited-edition journal. It is inspired by Pegboard’s ethos of duality: the meeting and melange of grey matter with creativity. The Dual Mood Journal has been designed to help you to meet both parts of yourself as you sit down to write down your thoughts: it allows you to celebrate both the analytical & logical you, and the creative & innovative you. There is a complete line of products on this theme of Duality & Liminality that is being created at Atelier Shibani in the coming months, and this is just a sneak peek of what’s coming!

We invite you to wear more than just clothes; wear a piece of our identity, a conversation starter, and an embodiment of the bold spirit that defines Pegboard. It’s not just fashion; it’s a movement. 

Join us in rewriting the rules of merch, one daring design at a time !

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