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Pegboard X Naina Redhu

Introducing the unique Pegboard brooch, a tangible expression of art and identity. This exquisite piece, created in collaboration with visionary Naina Redhu, embodies Pegboard’s intricate color theory.

 The brooch is a testament to our brand, is a canvas where abstract art meets the grey matter and aesthetic that define Pegboard. The creator ingeniously translated our brand colors into a visual masterpiece, capturing the spirit of intellect and boundless creativity. In our digital age, where screens dominate, we sought to pay homage to true colors in their physical form. The brooch becomes a symbol of authenticity, reminding us that it’s the textures, the tangible touch, that breathes life into our perceptions. 

Beyond its visual allure, the brooch signifies a crossroad—a harmonious meeting point of flow and fluidity. It mirrors the dynamic nature of Pegboard, where strategy seamlessly intertwines with creativity, creating a space that defies rigid definitions and embraces the beauty of synthesis. It’s a statement, a tangible representation of the intersection between the digital and the tangible, the strategic and the creative. 

Let it be a reminder that our brand, like this brooch, thrives at the crossroads of innovation and aesthetic brilliance. Wear it with pride, as a symbol of the vibrant energy and fluidity that defines Pegboard.

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