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Market Entry

Market entry research is an art demanding precision and unwavering commitment to understanding your audience.Whether venturing into a new market or revitalizing your brand, our philosophy hinges on research’s power to unearth insights driving sustainable growth.

Market entry research delves deep into new market dynamics, probing consumer behavior, trends, and competition. Our dedicated research team employs varied methodologies to gather comprehensive data and authentic consumer insights, ensuring your strategies stand on a solid foundation.

For us, rebranding for a market, adaptation of an existing offering or introducing a completely new category in a new market : all are occasions where you must align your essence with evolving consumer preferences. It sparks lasting, meaningful connections with your audience, making market entry and rebranding research essential guides on your brand’s purposeful journey to success. Join us for a transformative expedition powered by research.

Consumer Segmentation

We understand that each consumer is a unique individual, and their preferences and behaviors are diverse. And as a business, you cannot focus on everything at the same time. 

Our philosophy centers on the idea that effective market research, especially consumer segmentation, provides a key to unlocking the intricacies of consumer cohorts. It goes beyond demographics to reveal the nuanced motivations, desires, and challenges of consumers, enabling brands to tailor their communication and create more meaningful, personalized experiences for each segment.


By identifying distinct consumer segments, brands can offer personalized products and communication. This can also help you to spot your Tier 1, 2, and 3 priorities for marketing, product, and sales activations.

Usage & Attitude Studies

Usage and attitude studies play a vital role in guiding brand strategies. Recognizing the importance of comprehending how consumers interact with products and their perceptions of a brand, these studies offer invaluable insights. 

Our U&A philosophy is to provide a window into both the practical and emotional aspects of consumer relationships through the study. Usage understanding divulges the when, how, and why consumers engage with offerings, enabling tailored product development and marketing strategies. 

Meanwhile, attitude deep dives delve into the emotional and psychological facets, aiding in the understanding of consumer perceptions, sentiments, and desires. This combined knowledge empowers brands to make data-driven decisions that enhance both product functionality and appeal.

Investing in U&A bridges the gap between brands and their consumers, resulting in products and experiences that align with consumer needs and desires. This understanding serves as the bedrock for consumer-centric innovation, ensuring that brands evolve in a way that deeply resonates with their audience. We believe in enabling brands to serve their consumers in sync with changing consumer preferences and attitudes.

Category Understanding

A Category Understanding Study is a crucial tool to gain deep insights into a specific target segment. It examines consumer preferences, behaviors, and perceptions within a defined product category, providing a valuable understanding of evolving consumer needs in a competitive market.

In our POV, this study forms the foundation for informed decision-making, enabling our clients to refine their products, marketing strategies, and market positioning. 

Comprehending consumer behavior and preferences within a specific category facilitates the development of both functional and emotionally resonant products and services. In today’s dynamic business landscape, the Category Understanding Study is key to anticipating and meeting evolving consumer needs, fostering lasting connections, and ensuring sustained success for brands.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning Research is the compass that guides brands to find their unique place in the market. This exercise is the foundation upon which a brand’s identity and reputation are built. It delves deep into understanding the brand’s current perception in the minds of consumers, as well as the competitive landscape. 

Analyzing these factors, enables brands to create a distinct and compelling positioning that resonates with their target audience. It’s not merely about being different; it’s about being different in a way that matters to consumers. Brand Positioning Research provides the strategic insights required to craft a brand image that aligns with consumer needs, values, and preferences, ultimately leading to a strong and meaningful brand presence.


As researchers, we always recommend an effort on this KPI: the shape and form of the setup can differ. It’s crucial to understand that brand positioning is not defined by mere brand statements but it’s how your consumer describes you and what he/she thinks of you as a brand. Over the years we’ve been able to develop a clear roadmap for brands to foster emotional connections with their audiences to stay relevant.

Concept Testing

Concept Testing Research is at the heart of our innovation strategy at Pegboard. Concept Testing Research is the essential process that ensures the alignment of innovative concepts, be it for product development, brand names, show titles, or packaging design, with the preferences and expectations of the target audience.

It goes beyond mere approval, focusing on refining and optimizing ideas to create winning products or concepts. This research technique delves deep into consumer reactions, identifies potential pitfalls, and provides invaluable insights to fine-tune and enhance the concept, thus avoiding costly missteps and accelerating the path to market success. 

It is the cornerstone of nurturing creative innovation, minimizing risks, maximizing the potential for success, and fostering an environment of continuous improvement, ensuring that brands stay at the forefront of creative and market success in an ever-evolving landscape.

Exploratory Research

We believe exploratory research is a pivotal early phase of the research process, serving as a compass to navigate the uncharted territory of knowledge where limited prior information exists. It involves a flexible, open-ended approach, primarily aimed at achieving a deeper understanding of a subject or phenomenon. 

In the realm of consumer research, exploratory research frequently serves as the initial step in uncovering trends, issues, or opportunities deserving of further investigation. This exploratory phase not only establishes a foundation for subsequent, more focused research but also plays a crucial role in shaping strategies and decision-making by offering a broader perspective on the subject matter. 

In essence, exploratory research acts as the compass guiding researchers in their quest to navigate uncharted knowledge territory, paving the way for informed and meaningful discoveries.
Qualitative data is the soul of any well-measured Quantitative Hypothesis.

Content Research

As researchers, we’ve worked with numerous OTT platforms, television networks, and content creators to deliver captivating narratives to their audiences.

Content research comprehensively explores viewers’ genuine preferences by analyzing their responses to episodes, trailers, promotional materials, and even in-depth investigations into consumption patterns and choices.

It goes beyond the mere creation of content; rather, it involves tailoring it to meet the specific desires and interests of the audience, resulting in content that is not only more captivating but also more influential. 

In an age where digital content reigns supreme, content research stands as a vital pillar of effective content strategies, ensuring that the produced content remains relevant and appealing, ultimately establishing a profound and lasting connection with the intended viewers.

Thought Leadership

At Pegboard, we take leading by thinking quite SERIOUSLY. We embrace the concept of thought leadership as a means to actively shape the industry landscape for the benefit of our clients. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, constantly researching and delivering valuable insights, trends, and expert guidance.  

Right from delivering thought leadership in creative forms to exploring themes that have relevance for disruptive categories, we have done it all. Also, the best part of being a thought leader is that it’s a continuous journey.

By consistently sharing our original research, forward-thinking perspectives, and best practices, we aim to become a trusted source of knowledge and innovation. Our thought leadership initiatives aren’t just about building our credibility; they are loved by our think tank : our team and enhance partnership with our clients.

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