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Pack Design

If your brand were a movie, the pack would be your main character. What does he/she stand for? What can he give you that others cannot? Our brain is trained to judge a book exactly by its cover, decoding the mix of visuals, text, numbers, and claims – mapping it with our past experiences (both good and bad).

In fact, this is exactly how the human mind experiences a product, even without actually trying it out! The pack is a feeling, and a ‘feeling’ cannot be communicated that easily, especially in our culture of conformity where ‘everything is nice’ at the fear of upsetting that anxious brand manager. This feeling needs to be decoded via passive measurements such as eye gaze, heat maps, eye tracking profiles, qualitative deep dives, quantitative measurement, consumer psychology and design principles to truly understand the unbiased, core truth of what someone feels for your pack, your hero, and the movie. 

That’s where usual market research can stop, but Pegboard as your brand partner will go a step further to give you design edit options to improve your pack, which you can forward directly to your design team.

We arrive at this with a three-stage system: ideation, consolidation, and illustration.

The ideation stage will involve consultative and qualitative connections with all stakeholders for seamless visualization of the brand’s core philosophy and offering, logo/brand elements, color palette, etc.

The consolidation stage involves connecting the dots between stakeholders’ asks and consumer responses, leveraging design principles and cultural cues for inputs on the ideation.

The illustration phase involves working with our in-house designers to create a rough sketch of the prototypes suggested for further testing/confirmation.

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